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  • Trouble for replacing LED light

    I've been looking to switch my fluorescent tubes out with LED light for about a year but held of because of the cost from LED panel manufacture in China. Now finally I got my ideas for it as I have to change it now for my boy would be marry this year and I need to decorate the room.
    Anyway, I found the cost of they were reasonable so I went ahead and bought 4 of the 5000k clear tubes and 4 of the 4000k frosted tubes to try out in my house. It was really easy to bypass the ballast on both the single ballast double ballast fixtures I have. And I also got some panel light from kingsonlight round LED panel suppliers for the new decoration of my dinner room and my boy’s room. On the single ballast fixtures one side had blue and red wires and the other side had yellow wires. I connected the black wire to the red/blue wires and the white wire to the yellow. I love these new colors in my room very much.
    Now the important part, the light was fantastic, IMO superior to the fluorescent. You can get them from square LED panel wholesale and I believe you would love it!