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  • The updated news of LED lighting in Pakistan

    When I entered into LED industry, and I have formed into habit to read international news and LED articles everyday. It helped me to know all updated information and as well as improve my professional knowledge.
    Today, I reviewed a good news about Pakistan government might include financial incentives for LED lights and solar panels in its annual federal budget 2016-2017. What a happy policy for our LED panel manufacture in China. It means we can increase our export sales than before. Of course, their government aims to slash energy consumption while turning to alternative energy sources according to their local media reported.
    To our understanding, the common advantage of LED products is environmental protection and energy saving. So, more and more countries and families are using LED lighting instead of incandescent and traditional lights. Through marketing survey, we found LED sales volume is in highly growth every year. Thus it can be seen the declining prices and increased interest from market channels to promote LED to consumers.
    After studying this news, I was aware of why Pakistan government attached importance to LED lighting. Firstly, the country has imported more than US $100 million worth of LED lights during 2014-2015, and more than 100 million lights will need to be replaced in the next five years. kingsonlight round LED panel suppliers is a good choice for high quality LED products. Secondly, if Pakistan installed with LED lighting would save at least 1,000 megawatt. Thirdly, the tariff for imported LED lights in Pakistan is 20% while proposing certain LED imported products should be exempted from payment of duties and taxes.
    Therefore, we can devote greater effort to develop Pakistan market, I believe it is an potential market for LED lighting. Because the government policy will drive market consumption and guide market trend. For more square LED panel wholesale information, you can visit us.