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  • Flood and LED light

    You would know we live in a sea even actually we are in a big city like Changsha if you read recent news. Our house is power off and no light even we have light from LED panel manufacture in China. Now we hope we can see the bright future in dark night with LED light.
    There is so much flood news this year. My girl asked me once: mom, is there the sky father has something bad and he cries everyday recently. I said to her: yes, he had a quarrel with his lover. It was just a joke said to my girl. But it really shows the bad situation under the flood. You should know that lots of places have not power even they have light from kingsonlight round LED panel suppliers. They have to eat at dark house, and no telephone to call, no television to see. No internet to play with. I think it is a hard situation for me when I meet this bad day.
    We like to buy some beautiful LED light from square LED panel wholesale for our home decoration, but we also hope the good day and lifestyle.