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  • Awesome internet shopping for LED light

    Shopping on internet becomes a popular trend recent years, especially for ladies. They would purchase bags, clothes, shoes from internet. Now it is another time for LED panel manufacture in China as some customers would buy this kind of product from internet for the good packaging.
    Ordered these bulbs to replace the bulbs in our garage fixtures is my goal. After the final decision, I decided to order them from internet as another experience. It arrived quickly and packaged very well. Had a little trouble with installation and the bulbs would not work when rewired according to the included instructions. After reading some other reviews here from kingsonlight round LED panel suppliers from others who had the same issues, we were able to wire them correctly and they work beautifully. Come on instantly and nice and bright! We did have to contact the manufacturer as one bulb did not work, and they were incredibly prompt with a reply and extremely helpful in replacing the bad bulb.
    The replacement bulb they sent had the correct instructions and wiring diagram from square LED panel wholesale. I am posting a picture in case it might help others who ran into the same installation issues we had.